Although maintenance by definition is to “keep in working order”, it is so much more. At Impact, our goal is to maintain your landscape to its absolute best. Our qualified team of professionals strives to make Impact the unquestionable solution for your maintenance needs.

We start by inspecting your landscape property with our experience Certified Horticulture Professionals and irrigation technicians. In doing so, we develop the proper maintenance plan for your specific landscape. No, not all landscapers are the same. With every microclimate there are a multitude of conditions that pose challenges to inexperienced companies. This single step is often the difference between a landscape that thrives, or just survives.

Finally, we apply your custom tailored maintenance program to your landscape. With our diverse team of efficient maintenance crews combined with our knowledgeable horticultural staff, we insure your landscape and irrigation system to be properly maintained to always look, and functions at its best. It’s not just when to trim plants, but how to trim them that will reflect the company’s knowledge of proper care.

Each of our employees must complete a rigorous training program prior to starting in the field. We encourage our employees to become leaders in their field by continuing their education with horticulture classes, seminars, and completing our mentor-mentee program to be the best, we must stand apart from the rest. Our knowledge, passion and strength within our employees are exactly what makes us different from everyone else. We take pride in our attention to detail, our ability to rapidly respond to service calls and the relationship we build with every client.