Blaine is a native Floridian. He was born and raised in Miami where he developed what has become a life-long love of landscaping. In fact he started his own lawn maintenance company in the 7th grade and ran that business right through high school. He has spent the last 40 years immersed in all phases of landscaping. He has spent most of those 40 years focussed on properties from Boca Raton to Vero Beach where he spent time working on upscale developments and high rises including, but not limited to: Ballen Isles, Admiral’s Cove, Sailfish Point, Johnathon’s Landing, Mariner Sands, Pipers Landing and many of the high rises on Singer Island. He also spent some time during the early 2,000’s as a business developer for Cherry Lake Tree Farms and Skinner Nurseries servicing large developers and contractors. When it comes to landscaping, Blaine has been there…done that!